[Music] Eedris Abdulkareem – “Jaga Jaga Oti Get E” Season 2

Overview Of: [Music] Eedris Abdulkareem – “Jaga Jaga Oti Get E” Season 2


Lakreem Entertainment Inc. presents Eedris Abdulkareem in “Jaga Jaga Oti Get E” season 2!

Eedris Abdulkareem advises Politicians to ‘Stop playing God! Desist from imitating Satan! Play human…be Human!

Stop digging pits for your brothers and sisters because you may end up falling into it!

As the deep calleth unto the deep, so shall your dark dealings in the dark be made manifest in the light of day.

Flee from corruption, demonic shenanigans and manipulations because he who sows wind will harvest a disastrous whirlwind in return!

Nuff said! Aluta Continua… Victoria Ascerta!

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