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Mysterious goat that ate the Holy Bible

Overview Of: Mysterious goat that ate the Holy Bible


The Holy Bible is the Christians religious book that contains the word of God, and he has a way of protecting this sacred book from unbelievers who wish or decides to bring harm to it. Two months ago, there was a report about two men who used pages of the Bible as a paper to roll their marijuana and they ran mad moments later.

When I was still in the University as an undergraduate, a course mate of mine mistakenly threw the Holy book into fire and for the number of minutes the fire burnt, the Bible never had a scratch. There were lots of cases about people and the Bible which left a lot of worshippers to believe more in the existence of God and many atheist also pledge their loyalty to Jesus Christ so this goat case came as a shock to those who witnessed the incident.

These goats were left roaming the school compound as a means of freedom, they are always being caged during school hours so immediately after school, they allow them enjoy their bit of freedom before taking them back to their cage.

Of these goats, theres a very stubborn one which often act like its being possessed by super natural forces, this goat went straight into a classroom which supposed to be closed, that is a negligence on the part of those who left it open. This goat went straight to the teachers desk, saw a couple of books but left it untouched and decided to feast on the Holy Bible.

As the cover was hard, it was unable to eat it so it went straight to the other page and consumed more than 200 pages. This goat wouldve consumed all the Bible but for the timely intervention of the security who chased it and raised alarm. The goat was forcefully dragged back to its cage after which it started late laughing hysterically. It wasnt a human kind of laugh but it seemed like it was being possessed.

The security who became an atheist after encountering series of problems said God doesnt exist, if not, he wouldnt have allowed a mere goat tamper with his book. He said if God cannot protect a book, how can he protect trillions of humans. He spoke convincingly that I began having second thoughts about the existence of God.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think the Goat ought to have died mysteriously after the act? Do you think God oughtnt to have allowed the Goat eat the book in the first place? What are your opinions? They are highly needed.

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