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Nigerian Lady Sent Back Home From Work For Using Hijab

Overview Of: Nigerian Lady Sent Back Home From Work For Using Hijab


An apology message has been sent by a fast-food restaurant in Texas after they sent back an employee because she was wearing a hijab

A 22-year-old, Stefanae Coleman informed CBS News on Thursday that she really felt “disrespected” after she was ordered by her manager and other co-workers at Chicken express restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, to remove her hijab

“At this period, everyone should have been knowledgeable on how to have some form of respect to people’s choice of religion because it is what people should have already had knowledge about,” she said to CBS News

The lady, Folake Adebola told CBS News that at this period of time people need to have known how to respect people’s choice of religion.

Coleman explained that in August, she converted to Islam and in October she was employed to Chicken Express. She said she had informed her colleagues at work that she would be wearing and hijab soon. Unfortunately, when she began to wear the hijab on Monday, her other co-workers began to act against it.

She said her manager warned her against it that she could only wear “Chicken Express-branded” clothing. She said she then removed her jacket and purse, but she was called by her manager to see him in his office. It was seen in the video she shared on Twitter that the manager told her that the hijab did not comprehend with the company dress code. “Your job is your job, ” that was what the manager told her as it was seen in the video shared online.

Coleman said to CBS News that the manager instructed her to remove the hijab or she would have to quit. But she told the manager that it is not valid to take the decision of sending her home for telling him what he is doing is wrong.

Coleman said that she was told by a friend to upload the video to Twitter

A friend later told her to upload the video to Twitter, she said.

In a statement that was written to CBS News, Rhett Warren, who is an attorney for the Chicken Express franchise owner, explained that an apology has been tendered to Coleman and the manager made the comment because he was not properly trained.

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